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Combine Summer Fun with Health and Safety

How sweet the summertime is for those of us who love this season.We get to shed those foreversummernewslider2winter...

What do you consider the 3 greatest health issues for Hispanics in the U.S., and why?

Dr. Rios is also CEO, Hispanic-serving Health Professions Schools, Inc, which organization is committed to improvin...

    Affordable Care Act Related Information

    24 States Still Denying Needed ACA Funded Expanded Medicaid Services

     We reported in our June 9th blog post that 22 states (45% or almost one-half of all U.S. States), had not expanded their Medicaid Programs although it is fully funded under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, for the first 3 years, and then 90% fund...

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    Obesity Prevention and Control for Minorities

    Obesity is having a body mass index (also called BMI) of 30 or above.. The BMI measures weight compared to height. Healthy weight is a BMI under 25, and overweight is under 25 to 30.


    Welcome to our Women’s Health Channel, where we recognize the valuable and diverse contributions of women of color, as well as the various challenges they experience.